Andy Kiwanuka, Group Event Manager, Internet World:

Internet World is Europe's largest digital and online strategy show. Anyone who wants to do business online comes to Internet World. It's been running for the last 19 years, it's Europe's largest event and businesses come to the show to understand so they can their online and digital strategy better.

Erin Eisinger, Partner, 40N Studios:

I'm here today to see what's going on primarily in the changes in social media, email marketing and then also from a back-end perspective content management systems.

Shawn Cabral, Director of Marketing, Sitecore:

Internet world is one of the most important events for us for the year so we are here for lead generation and brand awareness purposes.

Mary Bernadette, Online Marketing Assistant, 5 Star Wedding Directory:

Lots of people, lots of information, lots of exhibitors definitely, so we're picking up a lot of paperwork and gaining lots of information about stuff we didn't actually know about beforehand.

Roddy Mackay, Director, LD Mountain Centre:

It's been good, lectures are well attended, there's 15 or 20 minute queues to get in so that's good.

Karen Thomas, Managing Director, kazthomas.org:

It is incredibly exciting and I think those of us who are here today are in the right place at the right time.

Diane Forster, Director, Advansys:

We've been coming to Internet World for five years and we've increased our stand size on every year. This time we've gone for a 40 square metre stand because we want to shout out about ourselves.

Gavin Laugenie, Email Marketing Consultant, dotMailer:

We are here really to get new business, to see some people, meet some of our existing clients as well but mainly to drum up some new business.

Sinead O'Grada, Marketing Manager, Facebook:

We would really see and what we are predicting is a shift towards social marketing, the web becoming very social and all about people and really that's our key message on our stand. The world has gone social, you should be part of it. It's all about people so I suppose that's where we really see the big shift going towards trying to create a two-way dialogue with your clients or your customers.

Chris Miller, CEO, DediPower:

We will get to a point where mobile commerce becomes an even greater access point than perhaps desktop for the internet, so I think we are going to see a big shift in that in the next twelve months.

Pippa Adams, Managing Director, Prodo:

Search in particular is going to be much more results focused, really rather than traffic and position, it's about how many conversions you are getting, what's the quality, where it's going, why are they doing it and how can we get them to do more of what we want them to do.

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