By Claire West

This week Paula Wynne’s debut book, Create a Successful Website, launched at a ceremony hosted by HSBC Women in Business, in Mayfair. Although the book has only just been released, it entered Amazon’s bestseller chart on Wednesday at #91 and within 12 hours it had hit the No.1 spot in Web Marketing.

Paula wrote the practical guide about creating a successful website from a beginner’s point of view — the kind of book she couldn’t find when she created her business websites.

She gathered a list of high profile experts and threaded their comments, advice and suggestions throughout the content so readers can learn by the expert's mistakes, not their own. This has become the book's Wow Factor.

At the launch successful entrepreneur, Karen Darby, who sold her business SimplySwitch to the Daily Mail for many millions, gave the book top marks. She applauded Paula for the book’s warm, helpful, and engaging style. Karen said: “The book dispels the myths that creating a successful website can be a daunting and expensive task for a novice.”

Fiona Wright from Woman and Home joined a question panel and reported that she had read the book in one sitting. She said: “Paula’s been through the process the hard way, researching and creating her own websites. Her book feels like you’ve got a friendly, clever, web-savvy mate just chatting you through the techie, hard bits of setting up a website.

C4’s Secret Millionaire, Caroline Marsh, answered audience questions and said new start ups and web owners will benefit from the clear, easy-to-follow instructions. She felt that the book’s presentation of visual images and step by step guides was unique and quirky, it ‘packed punch’ and added value to an already ‘immensely useful book’.

Caroline said: “There is something in it for everyone. It’s not just for start ups, anyone can learn from the book - from a simple hobby site, to a student profile and new internet business. She told the audience that she had given the book to her techie and asked why her own website didn’t have some of the items Paula covers in the book.

Paula’s inspiring tale, her warm enthusiasm and her ‘breath of fresh air’ has resulted in invitations to speak at events and conferences as well as training workshops. More details can be found at