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In today’s mobile-first world, brand trust is earned by protecting and engaging your customer through the delivery of contextually relevant information that both adds value and enables a rich user experience.

This brand trust is, in turn, built by delivering on your brand promise. A strong brand promise enables you to deliver experiences that connect emotionally with your customers and differentiate your services and offerings. And while executing on the brand promise will differ from company to company and from industry to industry, embracing mobile-first and mobile-only experiences must be part of every brand’s marketing efforts.

To help marketers deliver on their mobile brand promise and build brand trust, we has developed a new six-step guide, “Blueprint for Protecting and Engaging Mobile-First Customers.” The blueprint, encapsulated below, outlines the steps companies should take to address four core brand promises along with the actions to build trust.

By Rob Hammond, senior director of mobile engagement at Syniverse

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Originally posted on Digital Marketing Magazine