I'm always fascinated by people who make massive career jumps; from one job to something completely different and something you wouldn't expect. That's exactly what Integrated Live speaker Sam Barrett, head of business development at Takumi did.

Seeing as you're on the Digital Marketing Magazine, I hope you're assuming he's in marketing now. Which he is! But he used to be a US Army Ranger! That's quite a jump.

Anyway, ahead of Integrated Live, I caught up with him to find out a bit about what he does and what he's talking about.

What area of marketing do you specialise in?

Social influencer marketing.

How long have you been with the company?

Just over a year.

How long have you been in marketing?

Not long actually, about three years now.

Why do you do what you do?

I like the fact that I work in an industry that evolves rapidly and forces you to adapt quickly. Going from being a US Army Ranger to a marketing professional, I can appreciate that "stay alert, stay alive" mentality.

Which marketing platform do you use the most?

We use Medium for blogging, content marketing, and thought leadership, and then advertise on Facebook quite a bit.

If you could only use one marketing platform for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Facebook - multiple platforms (IG, Whatsapp), user profiling, ad formats, reach, etc. It's a monster.

What is your favourite thing about marketing?

The psychological aspect of marketing. People don't inherently care about a brand, and marketing is about crafting a narrative that makes people want to care. The more one understands the psychology and the emotions that drives/motivates decision making then the more effective you are at marketing.

Is content still king? (If not, what is?)

Content with context is king.

In a sentence, what's your presentation about?

My presentation is about opening marketing professionals' eyes to a more nuanced and balanced approach to leveraging influencers for social media marketing campaigns.

You can find Sam's presentation on leveraging influencers in the Engagement & Experiential Theatre at 2:30pm at Integrated Live on 16 November, but you'll have to register for your free ticket first:

Eventbrite - Integrated Live

Originally posted on Digital Marketing Magazine