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2016 has brought yet another year of digital change – where video content, social media advertising and engagement with mobile devices has been key for digital marketers when reaching out to target audiences old and new.

2017 will continue to see a rise in mobile usage, as smartphones become more and more centralised to day-to-day life and individuals choose their mobile devices to engage with brands, businesses and service providers online, in real time.

In addition, I predict that 2017 will also see the following digital developments:


Yahoo Gemini - In May 2016 Yahoo launched ‘Yahoo Gemini’ – its dedicated platform for custom audience targeting for search, and native image & video ads. To date, the platform has been well received, with advertisers achieving excellent results when retargeting site visitors. I predict that the popularity of Yahoo Gemini will increase during 2017 as advertisers continue to work smarter in order to win those all-important online customers and conversions.

Mobile first world - To echo Google ‘Mobile is here’ and now it accounts for over half of all traffic for paid search. As a result, Google has started and will continue to change the AdWords platform with a predominant focus on how ads appear on mobile devices.

2016 saw one of Google’s biggest changes to AdWords – with the search engine giant dropping the right-hand side ads on desktop to make the search experience consistent across all devices. During 2017 Google will continue to expand on its ‘mobile-first world’ strategy, introducing changes to both text and display ads.

Contrary to popular belief, display will not overtake paid search ad spend - It was predicted 3-4 years ago that revenue from display ads would overtake revenue from search ads. However, this has not been the case with display amounting to 35% of ad spend and search at 51%. I predict that this will continue during 2017, with the revenue from search ads maintaining the lead over display.


Mobile & AMP optimisation - With the focus in SEO moving more towards mobile year on year we have seen a boom in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). AMPs are slimmed down versions of pages which load very quickly on mobile. Therefore, optimising content to get it delivered to consumers as quickly as possible will be a huge focus throughout 2017.

Voice search - With more of us talking to our mobiles through Cortana, Siri or Google, together with the recent launches of Google Home and Amazon Echo – optimising content to support voice search and voice delivery will grow heavily in 2017.

Google purchases Twitter - Ok so this isn’t a done deal but rumours continue to suggest this will happen in 2017 if not sooner. Expect Google to integrate G+ into the social platform or the other way around. Google is also likely to, over time, integrate AdWords into the Twitter platform.

By Mark Wright, director at Climb Online

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Originally posted on Digital Marketing Magazine