By Daniel Hunter

Over 50 per cent of UK businesses experienced outages of their information management systems in the last 12 months, with some suffering up to ten outages in the period. The main cause, at 73 per cent of respondents, was a systems or hardware failure, a survey by City Lifeline, the London data centre, reveals.

Managing director, Roger Keenan, warns that long-term failure to invest in IT infrastructure could significantly harm UK businesses due to prolonged downtime.

The recent survey conducted among UK senior IT personnel discovered that 41 per felt they needed to improve the reliability of their company’s IT operating environment. A worryingly high statistic as a company’s IT environment is critical to the success of any business.

“Too many organisations tend to underestimate the damage prolonged downtime can do to their business,” comments Roger Keenan, managing director of London colocation data centre, City Lifeline. “Failing to invest in the latest IT operating environments can affect a business greatly. Running older and unreliable equipment in an uncontrolled environment could eventually result in a massive hardware failure, which is both costly and time consuming.

“This lack of investment being reported by IT personnel is a real concern. Investing in an outsourced solution running in a London data centre can be one of the most cost effective ways to guarantee your IT environment will be maintained and upgraded on a regular basis. This will hugely reduce the risk of downtime.”

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