entrepreneur (1)IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, has reacted to the publication of the Government’s green paper on Industrial Strategy, which set out ten key areas of focus for future policy.

Simon McVicker, IPSE Director of Policy and External Affairs, “It’s good to see the Government’s Industrial Strategy focussed on building a more competitive, high-skilled economy, although we’d have liked to see an explicit backing for the self-employed.

“A successful economy will be built on the back of these individuals – our post-Brexit success depends on people who go it alone. These 4.8 million people ensure larger businesses can innovate and adapt quickly.

“The Government is right to address skills gaps as a central pillar of the Strategy. Improved technical education will always be welcome, but that needs to be part of a wider approach. We need to better prepare young people for the realities of work, particularly as more and more young people choose to become their own boss. Schools and universities can do this by equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in business."

Not everyone wants to scale-up

He added that the “announcement of the review into entrepreneurship . . . will also be well-received by the self-employed. But let’s not forget that not everybody who works independently wants to scale up; small is beautiful.”