By Insight HRC

Inspiring and motivating employees is one of the toughest battles many managers will face in their professional career. The best way to get employees invested in your company is to make them feel like they have some ownership of it, getting them to ‘buy in’ to the values that define it.

Every organisation can foster greater employee engagement and buy-in with the right approach. These quick tips will set you on the right path.

Discuss impact, not finance

While your shareholders might care about financial performance, employees are more often motivated by the impact their company has on the world around them. This is particularly true of younger employees, such as millennials who make up more and more of today’s workforce. Ensure that you regularly update your workforce on the goings on within the company, and how their hard work has paid off.

Reward leadership

People who work for inspiring leaders are more committed, satisfied and productive at work. They are also far less likely to leave their jobs. Employee engagement is directly related to a leader’s ability to inspire people. By rewarding those who demonstrate strong and inspirational leadership skills, you show your dedication to a more driven, happier workforce and incentivise others to act similarly.

Make your employees brand ambassadors

Satisfied employees come to work every day, put in their time, and may even enjoy themselves, but they aren’t always willing to go the extra mile. A much better measure of engagement is how likely employees are to recommend their workplace to a family member or friend. Incentivise your employees to spread the good word about your business, and you’ll show them you value their voice while attracting new customers.

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