By Peter Sutton, managing director of PMW Marketing Agency

Marketing is one industry that has evolved at an alarming rate as new technologies have changed the way we’re able to convey a message and speak to current and potential customers. With the advancement in social media, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC) and online advertising, the last decade has seen exponential growth in digital marketing options.

Giving everyone an easy way to communicate with their target market, and that target market an easy way to communicate with them, it’s clear to see why digital opportunities are the first choice for many.

However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore traditional methods, such as radio, print and outdoor advertising, or direct mail.

It’s important to evaluate your audience. Yes, according to data, 93% of the UK has access to the internet (1), but that doesn’t mean 93% of the population only receives news or views advertising digitally. If your service or product is aimed at the older generation, you’re more likely to achieve a good return on investment by using a traditional method.

Also, look at what the giants, such as Apple, British Airways and MacDonalds, are doing. When they have something to advertise, you’ll still see printed adverts in newspapers and on billboards alongside digital activity. Although your budget is likely to be quite a bit less than theirs, don’t discount any option.

Using traditional marketing methods allows companies to speak to real people in real time, which, with the influx of bots and spammers, is something that can never be guaranteed with digital or social media advertising.

However, when it comes to radio advertising digital technology can play a part in a successful campaign, as we’re now able to listen via smartphones, tablets, voice activated speakers, digital televisons and laptops, as well as a good old fashioned radio. Advertising on the airwaves also gives you a dedicated audience, as people tend not to flick around stations when the adverts come on, or ignore an advert completely when viewing online.

Similar can be said about direct marketing. How many emails trying to sell you something do you delete without viewing, or discover in your junk folder weeks after they’ve been sent? This is where going ‘old school’ and sending out a direct mailer through the post might make you stand out from your competitors. But, be creative and instead of a letter in an envelope, look into what else you could send – there’s a lot of choice out there.

One platform that combines the new and the old is public relations. It gives the ability to generate a printed story in a national newspaper, as well as a digital article on the news page of a website, so spread your company updates far and wide. And, a link back to your website in an online news article is great for your SEO!

It’s likely that mixing the old and the new will bring results, but bear in mind that no matter the marketing campaign, it can take up to six months to see results. Plan for longevity and don’t be afraid to keep analysing until you find the right balance.

(1) According to Statista