By Marianne Abib-Pech

Greece's political deadlock is fueling speculation around the future of the Euro. Its potential exit from the zone would be a historical first and strengthen signs of a European economy in total disarray. It also sheds light on the heightened economic interdependencies as all Asian stock markets experienced significant falls across all industries sectors.

Yahoo is cancelling bonus and stock options payment of former CEO Scott Thompson. Thompson lied about his educational background further fuelling scrutiny on the internet giant about values and integrity, amid fights with dissident investors.

Facebook, which will float later this week, is increasingly concerned about their inability to cope with users demands for Mobile apps, and its ability to compete with Apple and Google, and experience sustainable profitability.

Marianne Abib-Pech serves on the board of European venture capital funds and start ups. Her most recent corporate position was as Global CFO of Shell Aviation. Marianne is passionate about people, and particularly about helping them find and develop their potential and had developed a leadership program while at Shell.

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