Marcus Leach, Fresh Business Thinking:

Welcome to Marketing Week Live at Kensington Olympia. We are here today to talk to delegates and exhibitors about the impact that social media is having on small businesses.

Sarah Wincott, Global Head of Marketing, Lewis Communication Ltd:

I think social media is an essential part of any kind of comms strategy because for businesses to understand their product, their messaging, they need to be part of the conversation that is taking place and that is on social media so it is where consumers are and if business aren't interacting on social media then they are missing a huge opportunity.

Tom Vine, Event Director, Closer Still Media:

The explosion of social media has really changed the way marketeers can access target groups and consumers because it's all about engagement. It's about two-way communication and I heard the other day that the world has turned from B2C to C2B so the consumer has all the power and creating that engagement allows you to understand what your customers want from your brand and therefore what you can offer them can be more relevant and more customised.

Sarah Moffatt, Marketing Communications Manager, EFFP:

It's a quick access and a quick voice for your messages out to a number of key target audiences. Obviously you have to be careful of reputation and what you're saying but it's a real time message and it's cheap and cost effective and managed in the right way can get you what you want.

Ameer Ahmad, Commercial Bid Manager, Clockwork Removals Ltd:

I think businesses are slowly getting to a level where they are understanding the importance of it. The only thing is that a lot of people at one stage looked at the whole social media 'monster' and they thought it's a whole lot of stuff to do. It's not really, if you just give it a bit of work, give it a bit of time, it's something that is easy to do.

Frode Hernes, Online Marketing Executive, SAS:

I think it's very important to be out there and communicate with the people that purchase your brand or are interested in purchasing your brand. Both in terms of branding and communicating with them if they have issues.

Alastair Boyle, Commercial Director, Steak Ltd:

Social media is not an end or a result in itself. I think all too often we do get small companies in particular jumping on the social media bandwagon without thinking why it's important for them and what results they need to achieve for that but just doing a social media campaign is not in itself the result, you need to work out what results you need to achieve first.

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