By Crescens George, Director of Learning and Development, Be Wiser Insurance

If you are looking to employ young apprentices then my first tip is to make sure you write a job vacancy advert that will also interest their parents. You want to reassure them that letting their son or daughter take up an apprenticeship is not giving up on their education. You need to make it clear of the parallels in further education and that by starting an apprenticeship they are not compromising this. An apprenticeship offers both work experience and continued education – with a salary.

My second piece of advice is to make the whole job application process simple and easy. Many young people feel anxious applying for jobs and they don’t want to go through a long and complicated selection exercise so I advise that it’s no longer than three simple steps. Apply, interview and accept the job.

You can help them through the application process by offering reassuring advice and tips. You could do this on a page after the job advert or direct them to your website where you can develop your own dedicated careers page.

On this page you can offer tips on how to read and fill out the job application form – think about who is reading your application, advice on writing a cover letter and how to impress in an interview. It’s well known that most interviewers decide if they like someone within the first 10 seconds of them walking into the room.

You may have other interview skills you want to pass on. That’s the joy of having your own dedicated website page you can put on there what is important to your business.

My final piece of advice is to remember that you are not looking for the finished product. Don’t search for someone who has technical experience in what you do. In my opinion you want a candidate who has a good attitude, is focused, passionate and will be committed.
Don’t list the things they will be doing, instead paint a word picture of what their future will look like. Show them what they would achieve at the end of the programme.

The generation ‘Z’ i.e the current young generation is far more goal orientated and believes in co-creation so use the power of their imagination to engage in apprenticeships.

If the person sitting in front of you in the job interview has all these attributes then hire them. You can train them up to acquire the skills you need. Hire for attitude and train for skills.