By Shawn Cabral, Director Marketing, Sitecore

Imagine that you are looking for a new photocopier for the office. Uninterested in being on the receiving end of a sales-pitch you decide not pick up the phone to make a call. Instead you use a search engine to look for companies that sell photocopiers in your area. You decided to visit officecopy.com to look for details about their services.

After a few minutes on officecopy.com you found a white paper about choosing a photocopier which you downloaded after completing a brief form. Of course, since you’re very busy, you then left officecopy.com. A few days later you finally had time to review the white paper. After concluding that the white paper was very resourceful, you decided to return to the website and search for additional information.

After finding further relevant web content including blog posts, you decided to forward links to several colleagues who are also part of the buying-process for the office photocopier. One of your colleagues noticed that after a couple of visits, the content being served on officecopy.comappeared to be only about a photocopier.

A few days later you and a few of your colleagues received emails from officecopy.com offering more resources for deciding which photocopier to buy and contact information for one of their office photocopier experts. Your experience with officecopy.com has been engaging — adapting to your specific needs. This experience contrasts your experience on other photocopier websites which made it hard to find information, obstructed your website visits with irrelevant information and resulted in unsolicited phone calls after completing a form even though you were nowhere close to making a decision.

Not only is officecopy.com better at engaging you — it makes its sales team happy too! Officecopy.com delivers high-quality leads to the sales team’s inboxes when website visitors are identified as being close to buying.

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