Huawei has filed a lawsuit against the US government after it banned federal agencies using the Chinese tech company's products.

The phone manufacturer has consistently denied security concerns and links to the Chinese government, and claims the US government has no evidence to support the ban.

The US has also encouraged its western allies to ban the use of Huawei products.

In a statement, Huawei Rotating Chairman Guo Ping, said: "The US Congress has repeatedly failed to produce any evidence to support its restrictions on Huawei products. We are compelled to take this legal action as a proper and last resort."

It is the latest of Huawei's pushes to defend its technology and tackle claims of security risks.

Mr Guo Ping added: "This ban not only is unlawful, but also restricts Huawei from engaging in fair competition, ultimately harming US consumers."

Several nations, including Japan, Australia and New Zealand have also banned Huawei from future 5G networks. However, the UK's National Cyber Security Centre recommend the government does not ban Huawei from bidding on telecoms contracts, describing any security risks as "manageable".