By Mi Elfverson, Founder of the Vlog Academy and Eye Storm.

We are now seeing a real shift in the market whereby business vlogging is now being seen as a serious marketing tool.

Over the last few years I’ve been teaching business owners and organisations how to use videoblogging to communicate with their clients and to rank higher in Google searches. I’ve often been met with reluctant managers and directors, who feel that videoblogging isn’t anything for them. They refer to their kids and think it’s mostly for teenagers, gamers or perhaps fitness instructors, not for proper, more serious businesses. If they understood the real potential of videoblogging, and what it can offer to their business, they’d regret not jumping on it much, much, sooner.

Video content is loved by both humans and the algorithms. This is why I encourage you to post videos instead of just written blogs or social media posts. Humans will want to share your video with friends and on social media platforms, and Google will want to push it forward in front of their audience too. Imagine a blogpost, but much more powerful, like a race-car on a motorway, that allows you to come up higher in a Google search.

How to rank higher in web searches with video

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is what you use to rank higher, usually in a Google search. The quicker your website comes up when someone is searching for what you offer, the better, because more people can find you and click through to your website.

So, what’s YouTube vlogging got to do with it? Well, Google owns YouTube and anything you do on YouTube will be picked up by Google. When you connect a YouTube account to your website, you’re entering a highly fuelled piece of content that Google is very happy to push forward in front of people looking for services just like yours.

At the top of each Google search, you will find a couple of YouTube links with search results on video. Those videos will always come from YouTube, because again, Google owns YouTube. Now Imagine if none of your competitors used video. You’re the only company creating videos on the topic people are searching for. You’d suddenly be ranking number one on Google.

Creating regular vlog posts to share with your list and on social media is going to boost your SEO and drive more people to your website.So, start sharing your expertise. Inspire, demonstrate, engage. Whatever content you’re planning for your marketing campaign, make sure video is part of it.

If you need more help to get a video strategy and plan in place, why not get in touch with The Vlog Academy, who can also help you get confident in front of the camera and teach you how to set up if you need to film on your smartphone from home.