By Andrea Osborne, Cushion the impact

As we enter summer holiday season, a new study has found that holidays are not nearly as relaxing as they should be. 61% of 1,000 UK workers and managers recently surveyed by ILM feel obligated to work on holiday. Furthermore 64% read and send emails during their time off and 28% take business phone calls.

The mission of managing a business is challenging enough so how do you turn your holiday into a real one instead of fighting to depart the swamp of never-ending emails and phonecalls for some well-deserved downtime.

It’s tough enough preparing for a long awaited break but if there are fewer hands on deck whilst you are away how do you prepare yourself to ensure that you are still in business when you are back?

Here is a crucial checklist to tick off before you take-off.

1. Opening Hours and contact details

Before departing ensure any changes in both your availability and company’s activity are made clear to both clients and staff. Alert people on your website or social media if necessary, and always update your voicemail message so people know you’re absent. Communication is key.

2. Email management

A wondrous feature of our glorious digital age is the possibility of contacting someone anywhere, anytime. However, the last thing you want is to go on holiday and continue to be bombarded with emails. Although setting up an out-of-office reply seems a logical option, sometimes emails need handling right away.

3. Technical issues

Ensure everything is in place to keep your business running smoothly whilst you’re working on your tan. Confirm that staff and clients are comfortable they have all the information and contact details needed to lessen the chance of them disturbing you.

4. Staying social

Maintaining a strong online presence while simultaneously trying to briefly disconnect yourself from the digital domain is an arduous task. At cushion the impact we are experts in overseeing your social media accounts.

If you have an online blog or YouTube channel, schedule your posts to keep subscribers entertained. You can entrust your social media accounts to cushion the impact who will oversee these and keep those conversations afloat. Crucially they can also monitor for complaints and alert you if necessary.

5. Clear the clutter

The unrelenting battle of trawling through your emails can be incredibly time consuming, and backlogs are a common nuisance. Cushion the impact is on hand to deal with unresolved issues and cancel subscriptions and newsletters for the duration of your holiday to avoid the misfortune of a mound of outdated emails greeting you upon your return.

6. Relax!

After such extensive planning in the run-up to your relaxing detox, the challenge of winding down may come easily to some, but for others it can actually be a daunting task to step away from work. There is next to no point taking time off work if all you’re going to is lie next to the pool, glued to your phone and fretting over your business.