By Jason Sullock, New Customer Marketing Manager, Sage

So, you’ve got the business idea and you want to make it a reality, but where do you begin?

Starting Your Own Business is a Sage white paper dedicated to guiding you through the process of setting up a company. By understanding the world you’re about to enter, you can take every possible measure for success. Right now, some of the issues you should be considering include creating a business plan, choosing premises, recruiting the right people and knowing the competition. These and many more topics are included in the Starting your own business checklist.

The paper will point you in the right direction, highlighting areas that you need to consider before setting out alone. For example, have you thought about protecting your business name using a trademark and do you know how to register one? What are your ideas on customer relationships? Perhaps you need to do some market research on the products or services your target market is most likely to respond to. Or, maybe some extra thought on ways of communicating with your customers via press advertising, the web and email would improve your chances for success. Then there’s VAT to think about and prepare for. Businesses that are VAT registered must complete regular VAT returns and make accurate payments to HMRC. If you are going to become an employer immediately, it’s also vital to understand your obligations in terms of PAYE and tax. In addition to this, being an employer means investing in your people by providing them with strong leadership and motivation.

By spending a short time reading the white paper, you’ll gain a helpful starting point and an expert view of how to create a new business. Whether you’re starting a simple e-Bay retail business or something more ambitious, this is the place to begin.

Read Sage's white paper on: Starting Your Own Business

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