By Julia Wilde, Copywriter at Word Magnetism

The potential to do business via the Internet and email is staggering. Your next client can be just a click away — even if they are in China and you are in Godalming. But are you making the most of this vast, potential worldwide market and getting the results you want?

There are no end of gurus willing to advise you on the benefits and joys of social media, email marketing, websites, keywords, Google Adwords and so on. And there’s no doubt that these technologies can help you leverage sales and create profits. But what if your company has all these things in place — yet still isn’t attracting your ideal clients or taking your sales to the next level?

If you find yourself in this situation it may pay to re-look at what it is you are actually saying to your potential customers. Look at every piece of your marketing, including your business card. Do they create a consistent message and build a strong and powerful brand that draws customers in? Or have they been implemented without any thought for the overall picture?

For instance, you have probably visited websites where a fair bit of money has clearly been spent, yet they leave you cold and unimpressed. Sometimes you may even find it hard to find the contact details! What is missing, is a cohesive, ‘sticky’ sales message and a strong call to action. So instead of taking you on a journey that creates and builds your desire for a product or service, you are simply bombarded with a range of fragmented options. In this case rather than using technology to help spread the word, it’s simply spread confusion.

Likewise if you send email campaigns to existing and potential clients, check the subject headers. Do they ignite intrigue, and thus invite the reader to click through? Or do they merely encourage the click of the delete button? Consider the content of the email itself. Does it get to the point quickly, or does it ramble on for several paragraphs, making them seriously clicked off? Look at your Tweets, too. If they aren’t pitch perfect your clients will fly away and find someone who is more obviously interested in helping them. Even your business card needs to sum up succinctly and powerfully what it is you offer and compel people to pick up the phone.

Underneath all effective marketing lies a persuasive message that is repeated over and over again, in different ways and in different channels. When you have crafted a message that has the potential to create desire in your target market, you can roll it out to each and every new channel with confidence — to create more successful touch points and attract new customers. This is the only sure way to build a strong, compelling brand. So watch what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Then, before you know it, business will be booming like never before.

Julia Wilde is the owner of Word Magnetism. She studied advertising in America and specialised in copywriting at Watford College. Having worked in top London agencies and local design companies, in-house for Alliance & Leicester and abroad in San Francisco, she has gained over 20 years’ experience. Her compelling copy has helped win customers for blue chip companies from Epson and IBM to Sony and VisitEngland. She also works with small business owners and solo entrepreneurs to help make their businesses more profitable through effective copywriting. To find out more visit www.wordmagnetism.com