Home working

Working from home is often a significant change from your usual environment – there is no boss looking over your shoulder, your colleague’s chatter is limited to Skype or Whatsapp, and you need to provide your own office equipment.

One of the first hurdles you will need to pass, however, is setting up. For your time working at home to be a success, preparation is key – so how exactly can you set up the perfect home office?

The chair and table

While obvious, these two things are the most important parts of your new office. You will spend 100% of your time working on these and as such they must be the right size, supportive and functional. There’s nothing worse than having a too-small desk or a too-small chair – it’s worth finding the best quality possible, as this aspect being imperfect is likely to make you miserable.


Your employer will more than likely provide you with a computer to work from, but how best can you utilise this for your own working habits? Firstly, you will need to install Skype – the ability to communicate with people cannot be understated. Effective communication with other members of your team is important not only from an efficiency perspective, but from a social one – working from home can become lonely, so it’s good to know others are in the same boat.

The perfect playlist

A recent employee survey found that the number one desire from workers in an office is music, with 44% rating it above chatting (41%) and even free snacks (27%) – the power of a good playlist is huge for motivation and productivity. Best of all, in your new home office, you will be the one and only decision maker!


It’s no use trying to work next to the washing machine - find a quiet spot and start from there. Ideally it needs to be well lit, well ventilated and spacious. While you can work on the kitchen table, there is a far greater likelihood of distraction, resulting in a lower quality of work.

The aim of a perfect home office is to set up an environment where your work is the best it can be. You need to minimise distractions, and get rid of anything that detracts from your work quality. Follow these tips, and both you, and your work environment will be the best they can be!