Keeping leads warm and converting them into sales is one of the hardest parts of the marketing process to get right. Here I will look at how marketing automation can streamline the process.

As a business you are probably using tried and tested techniques to get leads to your website. You advertise online and in print, you use Pay Per Click and you employ an agency to help generate leads. However, the difficult and time consuming part comes after that. You need to capture data from the leads coming into your website and then nurture them so that they convert into paying customers.

Marketing automation is not new but it has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. It is no longer enough to capture leads and then blast all of them constantly with emails that they are not interested in reading, as that is a sure fire way to lose them. Today’s more nuanced and sophisticated CRM systems help businesses to understand individual’s preferences and tailor approaches accordingly.

My 5 good practice tips for successful automation marketing are:

  1. Provide an effective system for capturing leads: make sure that your website is engaging and that you capture your details of leads by providing engaging content and showcasing your expertise so that they leave their contact details.
  1. Segment your potential audiences and nurture them: The next stage is to nurture your leads. The more sophisticated CRM systems like InfusionSoft can analyse your customer’s preferences and narrow them down so that, once you have captured their details, you can then target them with similar content and offers.
  1. Make the content relevant and engaging: The most difficult step is to now convert your leads into paying customers. You need to change their mindset about you so that they want to buy. Make sure that you are providing offers and content that will make them want to buy from you rather than anyone else. You CRM system will have provided you with an all important analytic breakdown of their preferences so that you only send them offers and information that they want to know about.
  1. Follow up: You’ve converted your lead into a paying customer. Great! Now you have to keep them coming back for more. Take a tip from the big companies like Amazon. Once they have bought from you, make sure that you follow up and keep information flowing.
  1. Don’t forget your existing customers: it is time consuming finding and converting leads into customers and many businesses make the mistake of forgetting about the valuable customers they already have. Make sure that existing customers are similarly analysed using your CRM system and continue to make sure you are providing them with interesting offers and content that they want to read.
Finding and keep customers is a vital part of the sales and marketing process. It is worth considering investing in a good CRM system as it will pay dividends for your business in the long run.

By James Cook, Co-Founder of FocusPoint Geeks