By Emma Holmes, The Launch Queen

The thing with business is this, if you don’t tell people what you have then no-one can buy from you. It’s no good being a well kept secret. Or, as they say where I’m from “shy bairns get nowt.”

BUT it’s right, f no one knows about your product or that fantastic website or blog you have then how on earth can anyone access it. It’ll be luck that gets you found.

So, what can you do about it? Marketing! The key to having your products and content noticed is marketing. There are a few steps that you need to consider on the lead up to this:-

Who Are You Marketing To? Be clear and specific about who it is you want to attract to take a look at that product or that blog.

What Can You Help Them With? Why should they be interested in what you do? What can you help them with or what joy can you bring to their world.

Where will they hang out? Is there a way you can get in front of them on mass? A Social Media platform where the people perfect for your product or content are likely to hangout?

Then it’s time to get the ball rolling!

The First Thing I Suggest is that you start to raise anticipation in advance. If you have something big in the pipeline start to talk about it, start to sow the seeds in advance. Not everybody sees everything that you do and all the marketing that you put out there so being able to sow the seeds in advance will heighten people’s curiosity and have them coming back to check out when it’s available. It will also make the product or content feel familiar to them once it’s available. The industry which does this the best is the movie market. Movies are marketed years in advance with the strap line Coming Soon. The Bond movies are some of the very best at doing this, the familiarity with the curiosity building trailers and the lead in marketing mean that when they are available they are likely to have massive box office takings. How can you apply a similar principle in your business?

Market Like You Mean It. It’s no good whispering about what you have got going on. You need to be shouting from the rooftops. At first it may feel a little uncomfortable to be going on and on about whatever it is you are putting out there, you will feel sick of talking about it but consistent and persistent messages are key. Now you have to be clever here. It’s not all about sell, sell, selling and making sure that you continue to add value to your audience during these periods is key. When you continually ram sales messages down people’s throats they choke. You need to have both product marketing and value giving content marketing during these periods. You need to have short, sharp shocks of sales marketing. A fantastic thing to do is to become an observer. Start looking at other people’s marketing, both in your sector and outside of your sector. Look at the things that you love and ask yourself why you love them and look at the things that you hate and question yourself again. This will help you get really clear on the types of marketing you are comfortable with, what you like and what you think works. Then look at ways you can implement that in your business.

I love the quote from Marie Forleo of marieforleo.com — “As you know, I believe that if you have a product or service you believe in – one that truly helps others – it’s your responsibility to do everything you can to market and sell in the most effective way possible”

Think about the following:-

How are you marketing to?

How can you help them/bring more joy to their world?

Where will they hang out?

How can you get your message in front of them?

Which platforms/marketing strategies are going to get your attention during this marketing period?

Remember to continue to add value to your audience or they will choke on your sales message and turn off.

Don’t be shy. Even when you are sick of talking about it, keep going just a little bit more.