Thumbs up

Just as you’re pushing towards the end of the financial year and the last push, it can be difficult to keep your team motivated through the dark, windy months. It’s therefore really important to keep your team focused and on track with numerous tactics. I’ve employed many in the past couple of years, and I’ve known of fellow business owners adopting others.

So here are some of my top tips to keeping your team motivated through the winter months.

Keep smiling and have fun

An easy one to start with. It sounds a bit basic, but it’s important to note that you and your face say a thousand words. Smiling not only keeps you chirpy, but it gives a positive can-do demeanour that others around you feed off. If you’re happy, the chances are that others will be inclined to be too.

Get a bit fruity

Not only does it do you and your colleagues well, but having a big bowl of fruit turn up twice a week can be a basic way to perk the office up. Keeping those pesky bugs at bay too.

Regular catch-ups

Get out of the boardroom and in to a nice café – if there’s one near you. Breaking free of the office is always a good way to level conversations and get an honest, direct conversation going with colleagues.

Cosy office is a homely office

It’s not only dark outside, it can also be miserable, wet and windy. A dull, lifeless office can be the worst thing so it’s important to keep your office buoyant. Whether that’s a new fancy coffee machine, or refreshing of posters and material on the walls, it’s the time of year when refreshing is very important.

Sugar rush

Everyone loves a bit of chocolate. But there’s also an opportunity to make Monday [or Friday] breakfast in the boardroom a bit of a gathering and gesture that shows appreciation. It won’t cost the earth, and everyone loves a bacon sandwich – except vegetarians.

Business outlook

And last but certainly not least, buoyant [but realistic] targets. It’s the start of the year and so you should be setting out what the coming 12 months looks like! Being optimistic and setting targets shouldn’t be shied away from and in fact, should be used as a motivational method to get your colleagues fired up about the coming months and year.

And such support and positive activity shouldn’t stop once Spring arrives. I’m a massive fan of doing good by colleagues – a healthy, motivated mind goes a long way to getting the best out of people and fundamentally, it keeps people motivated and engaged with the business and its objectives.

We’re all striving for success and doing it in a collaborative way is vital as part of developing a happy place to work, and therefore a place where people want to be.

By Michael Hammond, founder of Property TV (Sky 238)