By The Team at Kebbell.

With so many of us having to work remotely from home during this period, many of us are finding it hard to create a workspace that is quiet, comfortable, productive and suitable for our business. The team from Kebbell and their interior designers share their top tips.

When your bedroom becomes your office?

If you don’t have your own office space and you are having to convert say an area of your bedroom, then clearly define when it is a sleeping space and when it is a work space. Ensure you have a nice area of clear space each morning so you can layout everything you need without it all balancing precariously in a tipping pile. Don’t forget to choose a room with good Wi-Fi strength, mobile phone signal and a landline socket. Pack up your work things each evening so that your bedroom becomes your calm, sleeping space once more.

Already have a home office?

You are one of the lucky ones. However, it still may be hard to work with distractions perhaps coming from the children, pets or others! Make it clear what hours you really can’t be disturbed especially for virtual meetings, perhaps by having a polite do not disturb sign on your door during those times. Take regular breaks to check in with how the rest of the household is doing and to keep moving.

Before you start de-clutter

A clear desk means a clear mind so remove unnecessary paperwork and bits and bobs at the start and end of each day, especially on a Friday.

Bathe yourself in light

Choose a room and workspace position with plenty of natural sunlight to boost your energy and concentration levels. Natural light also helps to reduce eye strain and headaches from monitors but make sure you also don’t have glare on your screen. Choose a desk lamp with bright but warm yellow light for grey or rainy days.

Be organised

Be organised from the get-go and establish a filing system from the very beginning. Also set up a morning routine and stick to it. Get up, dress up, show up. Personal presentation sets a professional mood, maintain your impeccable personal standards

Get the ergonomics right

Make sure you have a good desk and a comfortable chair. The last thing you need is a sore back so make sure your feet are on the floor and your screen is at eye level. Maybe now is the time to experiment with a standing desk. It is easy to build up a platform on your desk with solid books, placemats etc to the correct height for your keypad and screen. Then swap between standing and sitting throughout the day, to enjoy the positive benefits it has on your energy levels, fitness, core strength, circulation, attention and posture.

Go green

Studies show that plants boost our wellbeing, productivity and attention span, as well as improve the air quality. Most indoor plants prefer drier conditions, so they are ideal to go a weekend or longer without being watered.

Sense of smell

Studies show that essential oils can improve productivity and wellbeing so choose aromatherapy candles or a diffuser to give your performance a boost and create a lovely working environment.

Maybe now is time to paint your home office

We don’t know how long we are going to have to work from home so use colour psychology to optimise your office space. What mood do you want to create in your home office? Colours are known to influence our mood, performance and decision making. Choose yellow, red, purple or turquoise for creative energy. Pink and blue have a calming effect. White makes a room feel spacious and clean whilst green is the most restful colour to the eye and reduces anxiety. Maybe involve the whole family with the painting at the weekend.


Have photos of your family to remind you why you are working so hard and help bring your focus into the present moment.