The RiseHigh team handpicks the most relevant candidates from their platform, and sends these candidates straight to your inbox within 1-2 weeks.

UK Startup Jobs:

This job board is tailored towards UK candidates looking for startup jobs in product management, software development, business development design and more at growing European startups.

Work In Startups:

Work In Startups has provided team members to startups in all industries through their site.

Unicorn Hunt:

Unicorn Hunt is a job board that “helps companies find good talent and that helps good talent find the right company to work for.”

  1. The Application:
Again if you don't want to waste time, ensure that you have a prescreening process. This can be the submission of a CV, cover letters, or the completion of a task which acts to reduce the number of individuals you have to interview. Make sure you formulate a list of the desired characteristics, qualifications, skills, experience and screen the applicants against this.
  1. The Interview:
Several studies have found that failures in new hires tend to be a result of flawed interview processes.

82% managers report that interviews are focused on technical competencies and as a result did not red flag candidates who did not exhibit coachability, emotional intelligence, temperament and motivation.

There's no magic solution to startup recruiting. You are bound to make a few mistakes on the road to finding your dream team. Your first employees are crucial for building your vision. You owe it to your business to recruit the absolute best you can get your hands on, take your time to figure out what you even want and develop a rigorous process in place to save you time in the future.

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