By Guy Rigby, Head of Entrepreneurs at Smith & Williamson

To help you assess the severity of your funding situation, we have divided some of the typical financing issues entrepreneurs face into potential ‘red, amber or green light’ threats.


• My bank has asked me to move to another lender when my current facilities expire.

• My facility has been renewed, but the bank is charging me 5% over base rate, instead of 2%, and an arrangement fee of 1.5%.

• My bank needs a personal guarantee before it will consider renewing my loan.

• I’ve just found out that, because my management accounts arrived late at the bank as result of the mail strike, I am in breach of the covenants on my term loan, and I need to repay the entire balance immediately.

• Before my facility can be renewed, an accountants’ investigation will be required. What does this mean?


• My bank manager has just been changed; the new one’s from the ‘business support unit’.

• My overdraft if up for renewal soon; should I be worried?

• I’ve a good relationship with my bank, but recently it has been raising concerns about working capital control. What action should I be taking?

• I took out a fixed term loan at a fixed interest rate of 8% two years ago. With interest rates at today’s levels, can’t I change to something lower?


• How can I be sure I’m getting the best deal on interest rates and fees at the bank?

• I’m being courted by a new bank — can I trust them?

• I’m contemplating an acquisition, and I’ll need to raise finance to do it. Can I rely on my bank to help?

• I’d like to consider restructuring the ownership of the business to give my son control. I’d also like to release some money now. How is the bank likely to react?

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