By Daniel Hunter

Hardworking, intuitive, practical, ambitious and determined, these are just some of the personality traits belonging to the UK's most successful entrepreneurs, who are most likely named David.

To mark St. David’s Day, specialist insurer Hiscox reviewed their small to medium sized enterprise (SME) insurance customers spread across 40 industry sectors. These included media, marketing, engineering, recruitment, charity and property. Data showed that more Hiscox small business owners in the UK have the name David than any other closely followed by John, Paul, Andrew and Michael, respectively.

The Guardian Digital Agency’s recent research* also highlights David as a popular choice, with it sitting as the number one name for doctors and the number two name for FSTE-100 directors.

The name of the Welsh patron saint, David, has been popular in Britain since the Middle Ages. Well known entrepreneurs named David include: David Lloyd (David Lloyd health centres), David Karp (co-founder of and David Ross (Car phone warehouse). All providing proof that there might be something in this name business after all.

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