Bespoke software allows companies to design technology to suit their business. By choosing to have a bespoke software developed over a generic commercial package, a company will experience plentiful benefits. This includes; a greater influence over the features, an evolving software which mirrors the changing needs of a company, plus continual expert advice and support from a web developer. All these factors play a part in understanding the benefits of investing in bespoke.

Bespoke design

By opting for tailored software development, businesses can have more control over the design and functionalities as well as the production time frame of their software. Companies can choose exactly what processes will work best for them. This efficiency and precision will allow the software to blend into the business, adapting to fit the existing features. Feedback and input during development will help ensure that the package is optimised to suit the needs of the company and by having an input from the word go, you will gain a thorough understanding of the software.

According to DCSL Software, bespoke app development includes but is not limited to; front-end websites, web-based applications with a comprehensive CRM system and mobile and tablet apps with local and cloud based databases.

Personalised advice

Your web developer will provide advice and support from the beginning of the production process. Instead of trawling online for generic answers, developers will offer a personal approach and be on hand for any queries. They will have intimate knowledge of the package, and their bespoke support will allow you to gain experience to ensure that in the future should issues arise, you will be able to deal with them quickly and efficiently.

The cost

The creation of a bespoke software will obviously incur some company costs, however, “Whilst some people are concerned that the capital costs of bespoke software are high, in fact the total cost of ownership is often lower when you consider you have to license (aka rent) off-the-shelf software usually on a per-user basis. When you build bespoke, you own it, including the IP which is an asset on your balance sheet.” says Nick Thompson, Managing Director of DCSL Software.

Developer selection

By investing in bespoke software development, the technology will adapt to suit an expanding business. Unlike commercial packages, which you would need to upgrade to meet the current needs, bespoke will allow you to create and warrant new features. In the same way, you can choose the necessary elements from the beginning, leaving no room for features that you have no use for and will have no benefit. Staff training will also be cheaper and can be done in-house as management will be well versed with the software.

Competitive edge

Investing in bespoke software can help give a company the competitive edge. Competitors will not have the same package as you, and this can be used to your advantage. Therefore, choosing the best software developer for your company is crucial. Do some thorough research, take a look at their previous work and find out their reputation within the industry. This will give you an insight into the standard of their work, and efficiency, before making any contractual agreements.

Bespoke software can have a huge impact on the running of a business. It will help a company evolve, improve the effectiveness of company systems, increase customer satisfaction and give a business a competitive edge. Although it does come at an expense, the benefits far outweigh the price tag when you consider the advantageous cost of ownership.

By Hannah Richards, Amplified Business Content