House price inflation in the UK is set to hit 6% in 2015, according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (Rics).

Earlier in the year, Rics predicted that house prices would grow by just 3% this year. But it now says that a shortage of homes is "accelerating prices". Based on its own mortgages, Halifax said inflation rose to 9% in August compared with August 2014. Compared with July, prices were up 2.7%.

Rics said 53% more surveyors had seen prices rise than fall - the highest figure in 15 months. Rics collates data from surveyors across the UK, rather than its own, individual figures.

"Given current market conditions, the latest data unsurprisingly shows house prices continuing to rise, and at an accelerating pace," said Simon Rubinsohn, Rics chief economist.

"And there is good reason for this trend to be sustained into next year, however uncomfortable that may be for those looking to enter the market."