By Richard Morris, CEO, Evans Easyspace

Setting up your own business requires organisation, dedication and focus. Attempting important planning and administrative tasks from your home office (often just a kitchen table or convenient desk) might seem like a solution. But the reality is that day-to-day life too often intrudes, making concentration difficult.

Many start-up businesses are caught between an unprofessional home set-up and not being sufficiently big enough to justify their own office space. Hot-desking is providing an innovative and flexible solution, helping start-ups to really take-off. Below, I have listed five benefits of taking the hot-desking approach:

  • Affordable and immediate
Hot-desks don’t require hefty up-front sums and lengthy contracts – great news for cash-strapped start-ups. Instead, a model similar to that of gym membership enables you to get started immediately.
  • Grow at your own pace
If you’re a homeworker not yet wanting full-time office space then hot-desking can provide an excellent next-step. Desks can be rented for as little or as long as you require, taking you out of the distracting home environment and into a space geared towards professionalism and productivity.
  • Easy IT
IT can be frustrating and a real time drain, particularly if you work from home with no access to dedicated support. Renting a hot-desk means you can just plug-in and go with access to fast and efficient wifi and telephony and with expert support on-hand.
  • Everyday networking
Networking is critical to growth and success. Working from a hot-desk in a collaborative work environment opens up a raft of potentially useful and lucrative contacts.
  • Location, location, location
Flexible workspaces continue to grow in number, making it easy for you to find a hot-desking space that is convenient and fits your lifestyle. Indeed, it may make sense to work out of a number of locations depending on your business plans. This flexibility helps you to run things as efficiently as possible.

Many start-ups begin around the kitchen table or from a desk in the garage. But as the business grows these home-preneurs quickly find that this way of working carries too many distractions. Hot-desking encourages productivity and professionalism whilst still offering the flexibility that today’s dynamic business brains demand.