By Marc Fels, Director, Video Recruitment Agency - Meet The Real Me

The internet has drastically changed the way we communicate with each other on a day-to-day basis – from social networks to online shopping – and recruitment is no different. Employers can now connect with millions of potential employees across the globe by using online jobs boards, and likewise, candidates can submit their CV to apply for thousands of jobs at the click of a mouse.

While this has undoubtedly broadened the talent pool for hirers to choose from, on the flip side it can also result in an overwhelming level of response, for even the smallest of companies, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process. The latest figures from the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) show that, on average, every graduate vacancy receives 83 CVs. At Meet The Real Me, we have seen cases where the numbers have been even steeper, with some jobs attracting twice the number of applications compared to last year. The vast nature of the internet as a communication platform, coupled with the current level of competition in the job market, particularly amongst recent graduates, means employers are constantly looking for ways to make the whole process more time-efficient and less costly.

The good news for employers is that the internet has also opened up new, efficient ways for them to assess and compare applicants from the comfort of their own desk, saving them time and money in their recruitment process.

Candidates are now turning to innovative ways of getting noticed, with social media sites already changing the way they present themselves and connect with employers online. They realise that an unremarkable CV is simply not enough in this changing, highly competitive landscape, and this is why we have developed e-me: a fresh, new online tool that allows employers to assess personality alongside a candidate’s qualifications. It gives them the freedom to apply for any job, anywhere in the world, with hirers being able to find out a lot more about them earlier in the process, avoiding fruitless first interviews with people simply not right for the job.

Developed as a way for employers to save valuable time when recruiting, e-me incorporates all the elements of a traditional CV, with the added benefit of an accompanying short, structured video interview to highlight a candidate’s charisma, confidence and communication skills. This makes for a more efficient comparison of applicants at the first stages of recruitment, as every e-me includes a video response to the same three questions that are most commonly asked during job interviews. They elaborate on their personal attributes and activities, qualifications and work experience, highlighting what makes them employable. E-me also showcases personality – something that, although a vital employment criterion, is largely invisible on a written CV.

Although it’s true that developments in online communication can sometimes result in an overload of information, it is also clear that if the right tools are used, employers can find the best matches for their vacancies, whilst saving time and resources in the process – which is certainly an appealing prospect in today’s job market.

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