By Max Clarke

The High Street Fund set up to aid small businesses affected by last month’s disturbances in London, has risen to £4 million, thanks to a £500,000 donation from Shell.

“Shell have dug deep to support hard-pressed small companies and we are so grateful for their support,” said the Fund’s Chairman, Sir William Castell. “Claims from the fund are now coming in and with Shell’s generosity we’ll be able to help many more local businesses.”

The High Street Fund will provide emergency financial assistance to small businesses that suffered disruption, damage or destruction in the urban riots of August 2011. To qualify for funding, a business owner will need to explain what has happened to his or her business, how it happened, and how assistance from the High Street Fund will help get them back on their feet.

Though set up by London Mayor Boris Johnson with an initial half-million pound investment, the fund is available to businesses across the UK, mirroring the national nature of the violence.

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