By Daniel Hunter

Savings of up to £5,000 a year could be hidden across some of the nation’s small and medium-sized businesses, according to energy supplier npower.

These savings have been released as part of npower’s ongoing work to help small businesses turn the spotlight on how much money they could save by finding simple ways to use less energy.

The findings are from a programme of energy saving audits at real businesses across the UK, including a printer in Minehead, a manufacturer in Telford, a pub in Leeds and a convenience store in Birmingham.

The audits used the average annual expenditure on energy from the businesses visited to reveal approximate energy savings including:

- Around £3,450 from implementing voltage optimisation for a manufacturer
- More than £770 from increasing staff awareness of energy consumption and implementing real-time energy monitoring at a pub
- £600 from air conditioning maintenance and changes to temperature set points for an independent retailer
- £100 from lighting improvements at a printer.

A series of infographics has been released to bring the results of the audits to life and demonstrate the opportunity to make tangible bottom line reductions through energy saving.

Phil Scholes, SME Sales & Marketing Director for npower, commented: “We know many of our business customers are busy with the day-to-day operation of their company, so we work in partnership with them to help identify where energy savings can easily be made. Our energy saving audits show just how many hidden savings there are within businesses and how these can add up to significant sums of money.

“We’d encourage any businesses looking for help on how they can save to contact us for advice.”

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