By Marcus Leach

Hermione Way, the Devon-born TV star and entrepreneur whose hot tub photo with Harry Style's has gone viral, seems to have forgotten her own advise.

Now based in America, and having appeared at one of Fresh Business Thinking's live events in 2008, Way has seen the image, in which she appears with One Directions' Styles, appearing in tabloids and on endless internet gossip sites.

Way shot to prominence in the tech world for founding Newspepper, a media services business that employs student reporters, editors and camera operators to cover events.

Only last year she told the Evening Standard's Company magazine that in order to be successful in business one of the key rules is not to over share their personal life on the internet.

“I do tweet about my personal life but I would never reveal stuff about who I was dating – that is the line I won’t cross. My business is my brand online so I don’t want my whole life out there," she told the magazine.

However, today's (Monday) Sun has her picture on the front page, as well as countless personal pictures appearing on the Daily Mail's website, and she must now be wishing she had followed her own advice and kept her personal life, well, personal.

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