Heathrow has pledged to reduce night flights and noise and pollution in a bid to satisfy residents currently opposing the construction of a third runway at the airport.

Last year, a third runway at Heathrow was the recommended option to improve airport capacity in the South East by an independent commission.

But after critics highlighted the environmental and noise impact on the local area, the government delayed its final decision until this summer.

The restrictions were recommended by the Davies Commission, and Heathrow has now agreed to them. In fact, Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye said it was going beyond the recommendations made by the commission.

He said he was confident they can create "cleaner, quieter Heathrow delivering more for the UK economy and that clears the way for the prime minister to make the right choice to expand Heathrow and deliver a stronger economy".

Opposition organisations have criticised the airport's bosses for breaking promises in the past. Terminal 5 was built in exchange for a promise that another runway would not be built.

Mr Holland-Kaye said: " We have had no more cars on the road over the last 25 years even though Heathrow has almost doubled in the last 25 years and that is because we've invested in better road connections, better bus services and better rail services and that is part of our plan.

"We can make sure Heathrow expands within EU air quality limits."