By Max Clarke

Attempts by Heathrow Express to break this weekend’s strike called by its staff have been criticised as for safety reasons.

The 48 hour strike, which has been scheduled to coincide with the Champions League Final and is expected to cause significant disruption to and from Europe’s busiest international airport, was called by staff for issues relating to pay.

Heathrow Express has attempted a number of measures to keep their trains running, including borrowing drivers from other routes and having managers drive trains with inadequate training.

“Instead of resorting to increasingly desperate moves to keep a few trains running for the benefit of the media,” commented Bob Crow, leader of the Rail and Maritime Transport union of which the stirkers are members, “ it would make far more sense for Heathrow Express to sit down with us and work out a pay deal that fully rewards our members for their hard work which has generated company profits of over £6 million on a turnover of £60 million."

Crow continued: “We are ready to negotiate seriously to put in place a fair pay package that will take us through the Olympics period and recognises the contribution our members make to delivering a highly successful and profitable service, and we need the company to show the same commitment.”