By Leigh Ashton, founder of Sasudi

When you hear the word ‘selling’, does it make you cringe inside? Well let me tell you, you’re not alone! In fact, most of the people that we help wouldn’t consider themselves traditional salespeople. If anything, they shy away from it because of what it can represent to them and the world – insincere individuals trying to push a product or service on you that you don’t want.

That’s the old school way. This is the 21st century, and people don’t want to be sold to like that anymore!

We all know that selling is the key to a successful business, so how can you get past the negative impression of selling and create a new, exciting and positive experience for yourself and your customers? Try out these tips anywhere you encounter a sales opportunity.

First of all… STOP SELLING!

The old school way is to ‘always be closing’. If your customer starts talking about something else, you bring them back to the product or service you are selling. You talk, they listen.

Our way is to stop selling and start a conversation instead! Find out your customers needs and concerns. Get into their shoes; understand the problem that you can solve or their desire that you can fill. That won’t come from talking at someone. It comes from a conversation.

Be Yourself.

You’re not stupid, and neither are the general public. Insincerity can be spotted a mile off and is extremely off putting for potential customers, so instead of feeling like you need to play a role or act as you have seen sales people be before, forget it. Focus on being as true to your own personality as possible and step away from a scripted version of yourself that you think you need to play. It won’t work!

Treat your customers like you would your friends. Love them!

Think of all of the salespeople you have bought from. Is it because they pressured you so much that you gave in? Or was it because you struck up a genuine rapport and friendship with the person right off the bat? Treat each customer as you would a dear friend. Be caring, respectful and never pressure them for a sale. With the open atmosphere that you have created they will be more willing to share glimpses of what they really need from you.

Focus on solving their problems rather than your own performance.

How many times have you sat through a sales conversation and whilst your customer is talking all you hear in your head is;

‘Is she going to buy?’
‘Have I told her all of the different features?’
‘Have I come across confident enough?’


Stop the internal chatter and actually listen to your customer. When they give you little insights to the problems you may be able to solve for them, take note. Instead of thinking about how important it is that you close this sale, make the customer your number 1 priority.

Slow down and breathe deeply.

This might seem obvious, but the excitement of sales and a potential ‘close’ can have our heart beating faster and words falling out faster than we would have ever imagined! It’s important to keep calm and relaxed so that you can be the truest version of yourself, so smile, take a deep breath and slow down.

Once you take on these tips, you will start to feel more confident about talking with your customers, and that in turn will make it easier to get them to buy.