By Daniel Hunter

Responding to a poll by the Institute of Directors, which shows that 57 per cent of IoD members support an EU renegotiation, Alan Halsall, co-Chairman of Business for Britain and Chairman of Yorkshire pram firm Silver Cross, said Europe has indeed lost its way.

Home affairs, employment law and corporate governance were the main areas where the IoD respondents believe powers should be repatriated.

"Simon Walker is completely right to say that Europe has lost its way," Halsall said.

"Businesses across the UK are frustrated with the torrent of regulation and protectionism that they face from the EU. As an SME owner, my company is looking much more to the real growth areas in the world - in particular the Middle East and Far East - for new customers, rather than struggling with the low growth and over-regulated economies of Europe.

"This poll shows that the Government must press ahead with its planned EU renegotiation as soon as possible, and secure a deal that gives Britain's businesses the freedom to grow and feed the country's economic recovery."

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