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Halloween parties are set to boost retailers by £2.1bn, according to new research from

Searches for Halloween related terms vouchers are up 100% in the past week. said 55% of Brits plan to mark the event over the course of the weekend - spending £2.1bn on costumes, food and drink for parties and a further £200m on goods to give to trick or treaters.

It comes days after research from Planet Retail suggested that retailers were set for a £330m Halloween related boost.

According to a survey — which investigates the Halloween spending intentions of 2,000 Brits - one in four UK adults (25%) will host their own Halloween party this year, spending average of £104.57 each on decorations (£17.65), party food (£20.81), drinks (£21.34), sweets (£11.52) and fancy dress costumes (£33.25).

A further 19% will attend parties held by others, spending an average of £86.82 on their costumes plus food and drinks to take along.

Fancy dress costumes represent the biggest opportunity for retailers; Brits will splurge a collective £703 million dressing-up costumes for themselves, their children and even their pets. Party food purchases will contribute an additional £452 million to Halloween retail sales while drinks will add £434 million.

Year-on-year data shows the number of people who will respond to trick-or-treaters this year will actually decrease by 20% on 2012. But retailers are still set to make £200m on well-placed Halloween confectionary with 48% of Brits revealing they’ll spend an average of £11.52 each on products for trick-or-treaters.

Interestingly, men will spend more than women on Halloween bashes, splashing £100 on throwing their own party, shelling out £14 worth of treats for trick-or-treaters and £21 on decorations to make their house look the part. They’ll also spend £75 attending other people’s parties, far more than the respective £71 and £56 women spend. Those aged 18-24 will spend the most attending other people’s parties, splurging an average of £106.19 each - £2 more than they’d spend hosting their own.

Claire Davenport, general manager of, said: “Once a purely American phenomenon, Halloween has well and truly arrived on this side of the pond with our latest research confirming consumers’ appetite to spend on the occasion this weekend."

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