The UK is heading for a general election on June 8th, expect market volatility, expect the Brexit arguments all over again.

During the EU referendum, Michael Gove said that “we have had quite enough of experts.”

Read the press, and the court of Brexit opinion, and it seems we have had quite enough of so called re-moaners.

Not everyone agrees, there are those who think the UK has committed an act of self-harm, and that it needs to reverse the Brexit opinion, tout suite, something that the EU Commission, in a recent communique on Article 50, seemed to suggest was still possible.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has said “bring it on!”

One thing seems likely, the debate that so divided the UK a year ago, is set to re-commence.

This time it may be different. Don’t be surprised if The Remain camp strike at the prevailing view that Brexit is both unavoidable and actually not that bad with a venom and energy that may take the Brexit camp by surprise.

Expect things to become acrimonious, expect the campaign to follow to get nasty, expect divisions within political parties and families, expect the EU to get involved.

And expect the stock markets to see volatility.

In short, the UK is in for a hair-raising time!