By David White, Managing Director, Weboptimiser

It has emerged that just recently that as many as 50,000
fraudulently-obtained iTunes accounts were for sale on Chinese auction site TaoBao.

And just a day after Apple's new MAC store opened it is claimed that hackers can break the protection of any piece of App Store Software.

Steve Jobs hailed the launch as 'innovative' - and has yet to respond to the claims being made.

Apple's new service allows people to find and download applications to their computers.

The store has more than 1000 programs to download with the best sellers being Games and Twitter. Every piece of software is scrutinised and tested by apple to make sure that it is up to standard before being made available
for sale.

It seems that some of the hacks appear to be low level and Apple are being criticised for allowing this to happen.

In the past the company has come under fire for the opaque nature of its approval scheme, which has sometimes resulted in applications being blocked without an obvious reason.

Most notably Google complained after its Voice application for the iPhone was turned down. It was eventually given approval, but only after a protracted battle between the two companies.

We hope that Apple are able to sort these problems quickly as it would be a shame if hackers stopped something being a success.

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