By Daniel Hunter

Bookmakers William Hill have cut their odds for Greece to quit the Eurozone, the so-called 'Grexit', before the end of this year from 11/4 to 9/4 - and make Greece 1/5 favourite to be the first country to do so before the next Euro Elections take place in 2019.

"The betting is one way traffic - punters only want to bet on Greece to be the first out, and for that to happen before the end of this year," said William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Meanwhile, William Hill customers are betting on whether the UK will hold an in/out EU Referendum before 2019, and offer 1/2 No; 6/4 Yes. And assuming there is one, they quote odds of 4/6 that the vote will be to stay in, 11/10 to leave. It is a 3/1 chance that the UK will withdraw from the EU by 2020.

GREXIT ODDS - Greece to quit Eurozone on or before Dec 31, 2015: 9/4 Yes; 1/3 No.

FIRST COUNTRY TO QUIT EUROZONE BEFORE 2019 EURO ELECTIONS - 1/5 Greece; 5/1 Cyprus; 14/1 Italy; Spain; 16/1 Germany; 28/1 Portugal.

IN/OUT EU REFERENDUM IN UK BEFORE 2019? - 1/2 No; 6/4 Yes; Result If It Takes Place: 4/6 Stay In; 11/10 Leave. UK 3/1 to leave Eurozone by 2020.

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