By Daniel hunter

Paul Davies, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, has said that the Government's new Green Deal Energy Efficiency scheme has the potential to be 'truly transformational'.

The Green Deal is the Coalition Government’s new initiative to transform Britain’s homes. With buildings in Britain among the least efficient in the world, the Green Deal gives homes and businesses a new way of paying for energy efficient improvements such as insulation and new heating systems.

"It's easy to get distracted by the headlines or expect too much too soon," Davies said.

"The reality is this has the potential to be a truly transformational programme, kick starting a much needed upgrade of Britain's housing stock, and help the economy on the way. It could also make one of the most significant contributions to our 2020 carbon reduction commitments.

"As this is a long term approach, I wouldn't expect everyone to come flocking to the idea straight away. Many people will still wait until they can fit it around other home improvements or moving house.

"Rising energy prices means fuel bills are only going in one direction. Keeping our energy bills affordable means we need to tackle energy efficiency on a large scale, for the long term. The Green Deal allows households to install these measures with no up-front cost. The Green Deal Finance Company's lending policy has also made this affordable, and accessible to over 80% of the population.

"With Green Deal repayments linked to your home, not you personally, we could find that as adoption builds, people's expectations of lower carbon, higher energy efficiency being built into the bricks and mortar of a home will be changed, whether your home is big or small, and built last year, or last century."

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