By Jonathan Davies

The Greek Parliament will today (Wednesday) vote on a second set of economic reforms needed to secure its third bailout.

If MPs approve the reforms, Greece will move a step closer towards the €86 billion bailout.

The vote is expected to pass, but Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has faced a tough challenge to win support of his government. His Syriza party was elected based on anti-austerity pledges. But the austerity measures forced in reforms have angered many Syriza MPs. In last week's vote on the first set of reforms, 32 of 149 Syriza MPs voted against the measures and six abstained.

Finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos said it was "extremely important" that the vote passes, and said talks to agree the bailout could begin on Friday if it does.

"Up until today I've seen reactions, I've read heroic statements but I haven't heard any alternative proposal," Mr Tsipras told Syriza MPs.

"Syriza as a party must reflect society, must welcome the worries and expectations of tens of thousands of ordinary people who have pinned their hopes on it," he reportedly said.