By Jonathan Davies,

The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has criticised negotiations over Greece's debt for being too slow.

Speaking before a meeting with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras in Brussels, Mr Juncker said he was "not satisfied with the developments in recent weeks".

"I don't think that we have made sufficient progress, but we'll try to push in the direction of a successful conclusion of the issues we have to deal with."

Despite his frustration at the situation, the European Commission President stressed that the talks would succeed eventually, ruling out Greece's exit from the eurozone.

"I am totally excluding a failure, I don't want a failure. I would like Europeans to go together. This is not the time for division."

Greece last month secured a four-month loan extension to keep its finances afloat for the time being. But a new permanent deal is required to secure the long-term medium-term future of the Greek economy.

Eurozone leaders are prepared to extend Greece's €240bn (£176bn; $272bn) bailout until the end of June.

In order to secure the extension, Greece committed itself to a number of reforms in order to prove its credit-worthiness. But Mr Tsipras is calling for the EU to agree to new terms for a long-term agreement.

Greece is understood to need €6bn (£4.3bn; $6.4bn) to pay creditors in the next two weeks.