deepak-gbea-2015-landscape Deepak Tailor at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2015

He said: “Winning at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards helped us pick up a lot of business clients and boosted traffic to the site. On top of that, it’s helped give brand recognition to all the companies that we work with, which is about 30-40 different agencies across the UK.

“When we’re pitching deals to them or pitching that we want to run their campaign, we mention the award and they’re always impressed by it."

He added: “Overall it’s helped us amazingly, it was just unexpected and everything came as a complete shock. Luckily we’re in a good position in the UK where we have all the brand partnerships, but one thing they’ve always been asking us is about the campaigns in the US, so it’s kind of a natural progression for us to grow there.

“Now we have the facilities and structure to do it, it should be simpler for us in terms of replicating the business model over there. It’s still going to be very challenging because there’s rules and regulations, but I think we know what we’re doing and luckily we have all the brands ready to go.”

Mr. Tailor has recently launched new company, along with co-founders, in hope to create the UK’s largest facility for people looking for bargains, deals, sales and voucher codes.

He said: “The site is a user-generated community which I’ve been working on for 9 or 10 months since the last awards. It was actually inspired from a conversation I had with someone at the ceremony and we’ve been working on it since then.”