After reading all this information about Search Engine Optimisation and it is always a great idea to put theory into practice and that is why we wholeheartedly endorse what Google are doing this year at Internet World.

Google's mission is to deliver the best search experience on the Internet by making the world's information universally accessible and useful. Google responds to millions of search queries every day globally and totals 19.6 million unique users in the UK (Nielsen//NetRatings July 2006). The Google search engine, available at , features a comprehensive array of search tools. Users are now able to search for content in 109 different languages.
If you want to know more about the Google mission and how it can help your business, you should attend the hour long Google University sessions scheduled at this year's Internet World running at Earls Court from 1st — 3rd May.

Beginners session
The Google University Beginners session will help you understand why you should advertise online and use Google AdWords. You will be shown how to set up an account, be introduced to the key principles that help you get the most from your account and learn how to measure the success of your campaigns.

Advanced session
The Advanced Google University will build upon your existing knowledge and empower you to take full advantage of AdWords. We will offer you a refresher on AdWords, demonstrate methods to boost ROI from your campaigns and show the many Brand opportunities that AdWords can offer you to strengthen your presence on the web. You will learn about how to analyse your website and advertising, and be walked through the new ad formats and the types of placements that are available. Finally, our presenting Googlers will showcase some of the new product features, tools and recent launches.

Come and see these latest exciting products and ideas coming out of Google and change the way you do business! Attendees will get copies of various brochures that teach you some of the key principles from the presentation. Attendees who do not yet have an account will also receive a voucher entitling them to £30 worth of free AdWords advertising.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis on the day. Once the auditorium is at full capacity we will only be able to operate a one in one out policy. Please arrive early to guarantee a place.