By Marcus Leach

The government has announced the locations for the latest enterprise zones as they try to boost the country's flagging economy.

New zones were awarded to Warrington, Cornwall, Gosport, Norfolk, Hereford, Kent, Oxfordshire, Essex, Suffolk, Northampton, Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire and Humber Estuary.

The enterprise zones, aimed at boosting the country's economic growth, are set to create a further 30,000 jobs by 2015, as well as providing cheaper business rates, super-fast broadband and lower levels of planning control for the designated zones.

Original plans for the 21 zones were laid out in the Budget earlier this year, with the government considering bids from thirty local groups.

"We are determined to do everything we can to make Britain the best place in the world to start and grow a business," Prime Minister David Cameron said.

"Enterprise Zones are a major step towards delivering this - cutting business taxes, easing planning restrictions and giving business the tools they need to invest and expand.

"These new Enterprise Zones will be trailblazers for growth, jobs and prosperity throughout the country."

Upon announcing the enterprise zone plans in March the government came under criticism that the zones would be similar to not-so-successful initiatives seen under Margret Thatcher's reign as Prime Minister.

However, the government are determined to make them work as they look for ways to help drive the country's economic recovery.

The complete list of new locations announced:

Daresbury Science Campus in Warrington.
Newquay AeroHub in Cornwall
The Solent Enterprise Zone at Daedalus Airfield in Gosport
Rotherwas Enterprise Zone in Hereford;
Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent
Enterprise West Essex in Harlow
Science Vale UK in Oxfordshire
Alconbury Airfield in Cambridgeshire
Great Yarmouth in Norfolk
Lowestoft in Suffolk;
Northampton Waterside
MIRA Technology Park in Hinckley Leicestershire
Humber Estuary Renewable Energy Super Cluster

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