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The chancellor Sajid Javid is set to unveil the government spending plans for the next 12 months today (Wednesday) amid political turmoil over Brexit.

Ordinarily, the Spending Review set outs budgets for the next three years. But the government has taken the decision to set out just 12 months due to uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Usually taking centre stage in the political world, the announcement is set to be completely overshadowed as MPs vote on a bill to block a no-deal Brexit and the Prime Ministers motion to hold a snap general election.

The chancellor is expected to announce a further £2 billion worth of extra funding for no-deal Brexit preparations. Mr Javid is also expected to announce crowd-pleasing funding for the health and education services, as well as policing.

Due to the short notice of the 'spending round', the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has not reviewed the government's plans to indicate where the money is coming from. The Institute for Government (IFG) claims the government is favouring "vote-winning" measures with an election seemingly imminent. However, it believes the government should be focusing on extra funding for areas most in need such as social care and prisons.