By Marcus Leach

The government's bid to clamp down on uninsured drivers steps up on Monday as more restrictive rules come in to place.

As of Monday drivers will be forced to declare if their car is off the road as to avoid buying insurance, where as in the past drivers had to be caught driving without insurance to be charged and prosecuted.

Those found to be uninsured will now receive a warning letter, followed by a £100, which could rise to £1000 if they still remain uninsured.

Enforcement action is expected to commence from mid-July.

While 34 million vehicles are insured there are still some 1.4 million that remain uninsured. Further to that the Department for Transport says that 23,000 are injured each year in accidents involving uninsured drivers.

"Uninsured driving is a serious problem in this country," Malcolm Tarling of the Association of British Insurers said to the BBC.

"Not only are they more likely to cause an accident, but they also push up cost of insurance, which all honest, law-abiding drivers have to pay."

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