By Claire West

Government Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Sir John Beddington will be sitting in the hot seat today for a “Frost on Sunday”-style talk with one of the UK’s most famous interviewers.

Sir John will be talking with the globally-renowned broadcaster Sir David Frost at “A Garden Party to Make a Difference” which is being held in the gardens of Clarence House, Lancaster House and Marlborough House in front of a live audience.

At the heart of their discussion is climate science — an issue that has come under intense public scrutiny, particularly over the past year.

Sir John said:

“I’m looking forward to discussing these important issues with Sir David, whom I have long admired as a formidable and intelligent interviewer.

“The evidence is compelling that climate change is happening, that human activities are the major driver for this and that the future risks are substantial.

“Yet whilst the science has become progressively more clear and concerning, even if there is much we still need to learn, some people have become more sceptical. Reporting on climate science has often created more heat than light. I believe scientists must get on the front foot to communicate the core evidence and help public understanding.

“Science also has a major role to help provide us with more sustainable solutions.”

During the talk, Sir John will give a short “Speaker’s Corner” speech where he will reveal that he is developing a new online resource to present information on some of the most important areas of study in climate science.

And following the discussion, TV impressionist and comedian Rory Bremner will join the pair on stage to continue the debate.

The talk has been organised as part of the 12-day event hosted by Start, a national initiative by HRH The Prince of Wales to help people across the UK lead more sustainable lives.